Creme De Contour Nails – A Client Case Study

About Creme De Contour Nails

Creme De Contour Nails is a luxury press on nail company that provides an avenue for the everyday woman to explore customizable high-quality nail art in a “Do It Yourself” anytime and anywhere atmosphere created out of necessity, driven by passion.


My Task

When Tiana came to me she was looking for someone to alleviate two concerns. The first concern was with her customers, they were experiencing an overwhelming experience when they arrived on her existing site. The second concern was with her frustration considering Wix has a limit to additional product options resulting in inaccurate pricing.

The Process

The first step was to analyze her store and see where exactly are the issues coming from before addressing the problem areas. The first thing that I noticed was that her navigation was a bit confusing – the navigation was lacking simplicity and several products were not linked so her customers couldn’t find certain products.The second thing is that certain products are priced incorrectly.

The Solution

The first thing I did in the redesign of the store was to focus on simplifying the home page and navigation. Her goal was to bring awareness about her signature product “Manicure in a Box”. I included organized navigation with 5 simple and concise tabs because it is easier for customers to find information such as shapes and sizes, FAQs, and her main products. Next I focused on addressing her online store, because Shopify has a 100 variant limit per product I had to download a third-party app to fix this product. By implementing this, I was able to add all of the variants she needed to display accurate pricing at checkout.

The Result

By adding these few small changes to Creme De Contour Nails’ website, she was able to see an instant increase in sales. Because she already had the traffic coming into the shop, we just made it easier for customers to find the items they were interested in. By implementing these simple strategies, her store was able to increase an overall conversation increase by 16%.

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Client Case Study




Creme De Contour Nails – A Client Case Study

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