Shopify  Training

Are you new to Shopify? During a Day Intensive, we can teach you all of the ins and outs of Shopify so you are confident in running your business.

Transfer from Wix to Shopify

Are you needing a more robust system that will grow as your business does? Then book us for a Wix to Shopify Transfer.

The Day Intensive

Are you having trouble setting up your Shopify Store?

A Day Intensive is unique to your specific goals and needs - a few things we can get done for you are:

Product Uploads & Collections

We can upload new products and organize them into collections for you so you can worry about selling the products.

Page Creation & App Integration

Perfect for those who possibly need a new page created that has purpose and resonates with new potential customers and app installation.

SEO & URL Checks

If your SEO and URLs are broken, potential customers cannot shop. Let us help you by making sure your site is in good shape.

Navigation & Menus

Does your website have "catalog" in the main banner? If so, we can come in and provide a more organized navigation bar and menu.

Investment Options

Investment 1


An all in investment

Investment 2

2 x 50%

Affordable Payments

Having the opportunity to work with Kier was nothing short of an amazing experience! She asked a lot of thought-provoking questions to get an idea of my brand and did a thorough review of my Shopify page. I was beyond impressed with her attention to detail in creating a personalized Brand Direction summary where she gave me incredible feedback from an expert point of view.

She gave a detailed outline summarizing my brand values, ideal client, and my brand's positioning based on a competitor's analysis. She also provided apps on Shopify that would enhance my customer's experience, along with a personalized video on how to use each app and customize it to my liking.

Working with Kier provided me with everything that I didn't know my brand needed! If you are new to Shopify or wanting to elevate your online store, you've found an expert in working with Kier Design Lab.

"Working with Kier provided me with everything that I didn't know my brand needed"

- Loreal, Shea Butter & Intuition

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Frequently Asked Questions


A Day Intensive is 4 hours in total that are from 6pm - 10pm est so we will dive into your intensive with a design call on the Sunday prior and begin on your scheduled day!

+ How long is a Day Intensive?


+ Do you offer custom Day Intensives?

Custom Day Intensives are available by completing our application and based on the details will determine if you require a half day, a full day or two days.


+ Do you accept payment plans?

Yes we do! We accept 50% to secure your Day Intensive and 50% the day of the intensive.


+ Is a Day Intensive right for me?

Day Intensives are perfect for those who have either:

1. just started their business and want to ensure they have implemented the best practices to bring in high conversion rates or

2. Love their current site but just need some help taking care of the tedious backend tasks so they can focus on the marketing of their product.

If you are not sure if this intensive is right for you, let's jump on a call and chat.