How to prep your website for Black Friday

How to prep your website for Black Friday

How to prep your website for major holidays with 4 simple tips

Let’s face it, 2020 has been long af but somehow after October…the year decided to fly by right?! Although Black Friday, Cyber Monday and even Christmas may look a little different this year.

Did you know they ~ 77% of people are shopping online this year?

Here are 4 quick tips to prepare your website for Black Friday:

Have a clean homepage: Be sure to have a best sellers or a Gift section so customers can view your products quickly without having to look for it. Also be sure to implement Call To Actions (CTAs), as you should be directing your customer to a ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Shop Now’ button.

Simple navigation: Ask yourself is it easy for your potential customers to find __[insert your product]__? If it takes more than 2-3 clicks a customer is going to leave your site and you don’t want that. The perfect example of a simple navigation is @curlmix, they have limited their main navigation to 5 brief actions by the needs of their customers.

Clear policies: Be VERY clear on your shipping, who is responsible for delays or if there happen to be any, your returns and exchange policies etc. Some customers assume if I order today, I’m going to get it tomorrow (I mean we’ve all been there…🥴😂) Make sure these are easily visible on your website.

Product audits: Check your inventory BEFORE Black Friday, check last year’s inventory and see what the stats were, if you sold out…order double if not triple. Also remove old inventory, don’t mislead your customers if you are no longer selling a product. Lastly be descriptive in your descriptions, be sure to include what the product is, how to use it, and ingredients/material if applicable.

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How to prep your website for Black Friday

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