It’s not your website’s fault it’s you

I hate to break it to you hun but it’s not entirely your websites fault…it’s really you. A lot of new business owners “start a business”, get a website made and then you just assume the sales are going to come in.

Then a few months down the road, sales don’t come in and now your asking how can I get more sales. Before we chat about how you can, let me ask you one question, when your website was created were you focused on your ideal customer?

You know your ideal customer Ari, the no makeup novice. Ari’s on your website and scrolling through your social media content but it [your website and social] is focused on just the product and you’re not telling her how to use the product or even why she should add this to her beginner makeup collection.

So BEFORE you start changing your website thinking that this is going to bring in sales…start with your ideal client and figure out their needs and how you can help in their buyer journey.

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It’s not your website’s fault it’s you

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