What if I told you...

That you could have a brand new website for your new or existing beauty business? One that is back by brand alignment and powerful web strategy. 

What if I told you that within two weeks of working together, you could have brand clarity and alignment, an aesthetic pleasing website that resonates with your ideal customer and a website that can bring in sales? Then, have 30 additional days of 1:1 design support plus weekly education to help you with your website?


Would you accept this offer?

You are selling on
Social Media

You keep telling potential customers to purchase in your DMs on social media but you either have - too many orders to keep up with or zero orders because you don't have trust.

You are a new Beauty

You are a new Beauty Brand

You are just starting out and need something that is cost effective but you also need a brand that you can launch quickly on a trusted e-commerce platform.

Let's be honest...

Are you currently doing, feeling, or have experienced?

You hate your current branding

When you started your business, you DIY'd everything and to be honest...it sucks. Your customers arrive on your site and don't leave past the home page.

You need someone to
handle the "tech"

You need someone to handle the "tech"

You simply don't have the time to operate the backend, front end or any end for that matter while you focus on marketing, product photography and content making.

It doesn't have to take


have a strategic website

have a strategic website

The Two Week Intensive


A quick yet collaborative process to restyle our Semi Custom website with brand and web strategy in two weeks!

During this two week intensive, we will customize one of our existing Semi Custom Brands to fit your brand aesthetic and needs. It's a pretty quick but fun process and you will be included every step of the way!

The Onboarding

After our Audit and Consult, we will send you a proposed proposal that covers the details of the intensive, contract, and a small deposit invoice.

Proposal, Contract, & Invoice


After we've secured your intensive in our calendar, we will gather your website content with our Web Design Questionnaire and begin your website copy using our Web Prep Guides.

Web Design Questionnaire & Prep Guide

We will prepare for your launch with a 90 minute personalized handover site training so you know the ins and outs of your website with the confidence to operate as a business

Web Design Strategy

After your Brand Foundation Guide is approved, we will begin customizing one of our Semi Custom templates that conveys the visual components of the Brand Foundation Guide.

We will prepare for your launch with a 90 minute personalized handover site training so you know the ins and outs of your website with the confidence to operate as a business owner.

Customizing your template

Week 2

All Two Week Intensives include 30 day post transfer support just in case you have any questions or need some help!

Personalized Site Training

Brand Foundation

Before we dive into your Semi Custom template, we must know where the disconnect with your customers is. We will kick off your session with a design strategy call.

Design Strategy Guide

Based on the discussions of the call, we will design a personalized Brand Foundation Guide which will outline the ins and outs of your brand along with a Brand Values, Ideal Client Profile, Competitor Analysis and more!

Brand Foundation Guide

Week 1

The Transformation

This is our Autumn Template which is a Warm and Inviting Shopify Site.


We used our Autumn Template as the base for our client MelRych Beauty.


Investment Options

Investment 1

Save an extra 15% if choosing this option.


An all in investment

Investment 2

A more affordable option

3 x $417.00

Affordable Payments

"Before working with Kierstin, the platform I was on was limited to 3 variants for my press on nails and I was losing sales because it was not displaying accurate pricing. After working with Kierstin, I have increased my sales, my online presence represents the quality of work behind my craft, and I'm beyond grateful!"

"You understood my vision"

- Tiana, Creme De Contour Nails

"I love that she spent time to train me and understand each part of my website. One aspect that is included in the Semi Custom Package is a recording and a quick reference guide which I really appreciated."

"She literally made my dream come true"

- Monica, Amor Eterno Ceramics

What our past clients are saying...


Frequently Asked Questions


I know it can be scary investing in your business and trusting your baby with someone else. - But I promise you this is something you need so you don't make the beginner mistakes. Your website is a visual representation of not only yourself but your brand.

You could totally DIY your own site but you may run into spending more time and money trying to fix something that may not be your expertise. At Kier Design Lab, I take your ideas, vision, brand and goals to create you a tailor made website that works for you and your business.

+ Is a Two Week Intensive right for me?


+ What do I need to have ready before my project can start?

You'll need to have imagery ready and some general idea of website copy. Not sure what to say for your website? I will assist you in the process of determine what copy is needed.

I will also ask for you to complete my Client Application, Web Design Questionnaire, Website Prep Guide and to have either a Pinterest Board and/or Instagram for inspiration. This ensures I have an in-depth understanding of your business and goals prior to designing a website.


+ Is a Two Week Intensive right for me?

It doesn't matter if you are a new beauty brand just starting out or if you have been in beauty industry for years and you need a revamp, you can benefit from our two week intensives. If you are tired of being stuck, limited, or overwhelmed, hire us to help you along the way.


+ When can I start my project?

My next set of intensive dates are:
+ Begin August 25, 2021 with a projected launch date of September 8, 2021
+ Begin September 15, 2021 with a projected launch date of September 29, 2021
+ Begin October 6, 2021 with a projected launch date of October 20, 2021
+ Begin October 27, 2021 with a projected launch date of November 10, 2021


+ If I already love my current site, can I still get an intensive?

Unfortunately our templates cannot be integrated into your existing website as these would be a new design concept.

If you are looking for a few tweaks to your existing website, you may be interested in a Day Intensive.


+ I don't need the full intensive, can I just purchase the brand from you?

If you would like to get a new Brand without the intensive, head over to our Design Lab to view our DIY options.


+ Do you accept payment plans?

Yes we do! We accept 3 payments of $417.00 for our Two Week Intensives.

To secure your spot, we will ask for a small 30% deposit.